Saturday, February 11, 2006

Episode 6: Oh my head!!

DS-DP 006: Oh my Head.
On a sunny Saturday morning, podcasting from Mâcon (France) downtown, this Mexican have no Guinness but a 3 Hippotamus size headache. The Remedy? A bunch of podsafe blues songs and a nice "parquet". Happy Birthday Mario!! Congratulation to all the guys and gals graduating today at the "INSA de Lyon". Great Party tonight: Le 10eme Gala de L'INSA de Lyon.
Gmail chat with Emma about who's have the best French Dinner. The next Podcast? Maybe a cookingpodcast.
And remember: DON'T PANIC
Songs Played in today's Podcast:

1 Cest La Fucking Vie by Ginny Clee
2 I Feel It Tooby the Hipnotics
3 Three Chords by Jimmie Bratcher
4 A Little More Time by Lonnie Brooks, Long John Hunter, Phillip Walker from Alligator Records
5 Why We Play the Blues by Michael Hill's Blues Mob from Alligator Records
6 Your Love is Everything by Dont Harass Betty
7 Talking Crematorium Blues by Adam Bouche
8 Enormous Penis by Da Vincis Notebook

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