Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Episode 8: The Last of February

DS-DP 008: The Last of February

Hello everybody!!

This podcast is a good one, just feeling great and made between my early afternoon pause and my carnival dinner at Emma's. Enjoy the great Music for the PMN. Also a little chat about the Bird Flu in France, the "Dear Sigmund"'s origin and some other stuff.
And remember,

Songs Played in today's Podcast:

1 Good Day by Natives of the new Dawn
2 MORE THAN 17 by Adrina Thorpe
3 Movin On by Amy Ayres
4 Take Me Back by Geoff Smith
5 Roger Small by Geoff Smith
6 Someone's Out There by Matthew Ebel
7 One Perfect Day by Adrienne Pierce
8 Do They Have E-Mail in Heaven? by Jim Terr

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the spin! glad you like what we're doing!

ah new dawn!