Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Episode 13: Good Morning, Here's your coffee!

DS-DP 013: Good Morning, Here's your coffee!

The best way to start a day is a good coffee and nice music. I have on my side the Podsafe Music Network to provide the extraordinary songs I'm playing today and your only job is to make some coffee (or tea). Have a very nice day and enjoy the music!
Today's Podcast is dedicated to ANEMONA SOLAR and I hope she'll enjoy the music.
Comments? Feedback? dearsigmunddontpanic@gmail.com

And remember,

Songs Played in today's Podcast:

1 Somebody by American Heartbreak
2 Mexico by The Nancy Drews
3 Take Me Back by Geoff Smith
4 Upside Down by Bob Gentry [Click here for the Video]

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spanish eddie said...

thanks for playing our music! i have an updated (i.e. mastered) version uploaded to podsafe. it sounds much better.

thanks again --j

spanish eddie said...

whoops, sorry. the song is "mexico" by the nancy drews.

Anonymous said...

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