Saturday, March 18, 2006

Episode 11: St Patrick's Day (take two)

DS-DP 011: St Patrick's Day (take two)

Here I'm, still alive and back from the "Grippe à Biere" (they're funny those guys of the Autralian Pub (Dundee Café) here in Mâcon - I have to say it: It was the ONLY pub having an Irish Party on St. Patrick's Day!!). Sorry if you're drinking alone, but I'm... cheers Lily th Pink!!
A question arises: Do Virgins taste better? Any answers? Please send them to:
I'll try to stop jumping around the house (use an Irish accent to say this line, sounds great!!) and go to bed before the Dragon eats me... But, What about the bedbugs??? I'll bit them back!
Nighty night!!

PS: Quick Contest! Record this name and send it to the Podcast's email.
And the name is: [ B r o b d i n g n a g i a n | B a r d s ]

1 He who drinks alone by Buddy Woodward and the Nitro Express
2 Lily the Pink by Brobdingnagian Bards
3 Do Virgins Taste Better? by Brobdingnagian Bards
4 Bunch of Time by James Connolly
5 The Night that Paddy Murphy by 4 Irish Whiskey / Marc Gunn
6 Danny Boy by James Connolly
7 Irish Reel by Murder the Stout

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ebarrera said...

This is great: it was the same Marc Gunn from the Brobdingnagian Bards who posted it First!

Stick it in your ears:

Here's how to say Brobdingnagian

Thanks Marc!!

ebarrera said...

I've just realised it... It didn't rang a bell at the time... but Brobdingnag is one of the countries Guilliver visits... am I right?