Sunday, August 20, 2006

Episode 22: Baking Cakes

DS-DP 022: Baking Cakes

Second part: Cuisine Podcast. While the BBQ Wings are in the oven I start to make to different Cakes, one in the Kenwood's Rapid Bake and one other to be baked in the oven.
The Recipe for the Rapid Bake is in the Manual but it's worthless to put it in here.

On the other Hand my personal recipe for the 4/4 (Four Fourths) is a simple one:

250g Flour
250g Butter
250g Sugar (This time I had to use Glass and Big Cristal Sugar)
5 eggs

In this version of my basic recipe I added:

2 handfulls of Rainsins
2oz of CrËme de Framboises (The Secret Ingridient was supposed to be Rum but I didn't had any left - That's Why I'm a Liar, not because someone did catch me with my pants down.)

Edgar and the Senseo Machine and the coffee pads.
Edgar: The Smoker. French National Sport.
[lamaga] is Six Years Old!
A whole week celebrating six years of French Life.

All the music is in the Podsafe Music Network

And remember,

Songs Played in today's Podcast:

1 Death Cab For Cutie - Title And Registration
2 Geoff Smith and The Tonewheels - No More Summertime Bues
3 Adrienne Pierce - Falling Asleep
4 Julie Harris - Liar Liar
5 Liza Sverin - SpÂr 7
6 HatHead - Dreaming

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